All natural, hand made gourmet ice pops

Market Season

One of my favorite parts of owning Bello’s Bike Pops is interacting with the families and “regulars”. I love when kids have a favorite flavor or feed a pop with their puppy! (puppy pops that is!) Last week I had a mom say that since 8am her daughter had been talking about going to the market for a pop that evening! How cute! We are at the Fort Thomas Farmer’s Market every week unless it is pouring rain on Wednesdays from 3pm to 7pm.

Also, this week we will be at Tower Park for pops after the free dance class put on by Vibe Fitness. Check those beautiful sugar free fruit cocktail pops!

Amazing weather!

I cannot recall a single June in Cincinnati that started with me choosing pants over shorts and sleeping with the windows open. What glorious weather we are having! I hope you are getting out and enjoying walks and dinners outside!

Today is tropical day at the shop! If you come in any tropical attire you get 50% off your coconut mocha or pops of your choice!

7 Pops for Cops stations so far!

We are so thankful for all of you who have sponsored Pops for Cops! We have completed Alexandria, Ft. Thomas, Dayton, Newport, Covington, and still have Anderson and Milford to go next week! If you would like to sponsor your neighborhood first responders, please click on the “buy pops” in the menu bar. Feel free to let us know who you want us to take them to!

Pops for Cops!

We are excited to roll out a new initiative! We are so thankful for our first responders, and love how they regularly just swing by our shop to see how we are all doing during this! We want to bless them with some sweet treats!

You can hop on Carabello’s website and order them there! They are just already set up to take online payment so it is faster and easier! Pops for Cops! will take you there. If you would like to set up for us to do a drop off for a specific neighborhood/city please email us at!

Puppy pop mania!

Apparently I am the dog pop lady these days! As you all know, these COV-ID19 times are very strange! We are only allowed to serve out of a window at the cafe, and all of our April events were cancelled. One of the fun, surprising outcomes of this is though, that people are on walks with their dogs a lot! This means tons of fun photos of owners and their dogs!! So, we hope to see you at our window soon with your furry bestie for a treat for you both!!

August is upon us!

It seems hard to believe that we are already in August. Summer always seems to fly by! I’m a “summer forever” type of gal myself, but I know many people love Autumn! Autumn is nice and all…it’s the impending doom of winter behind it that sort of ruins it for me! We have some great Fall flavors on the calendar though! If you haven’t had our Rosemary Apple Cider, you are seriously missing out!! Keep your eyes open for that one as well as the Pumpkin Pie pops!

Summer of pops!

This summer is flying by! We have had so much fun serving at everything from weddings, to dog parks to partnering with Crown Republic Gastropub on poptails! We hope you can beat this heat wave by finding a pop somewhere this weekend!!!

Poptails anyone?

Having a summer bash? Let’s partner and make it memorable! I provide the pops, you provide the booze, and we can make some incredible poptails together! Need ideas? I’ll make watermelon mint, and you pour the Prosecco! I’ll make the blueberry mint, you provide the bourbon, and you’ve got a blueberry mint julep! You can order custom flavors for your summer party! Just contact us!

Puppy Pops!

One of the things our customers love is that we always carry puppy pops! They are so cute and happy chowing down on these treats made just for them! Even the stick is a dog treat.

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend was such a blast! We had an amazing time at the Dayton, KY parade, and catering for parties! What perfect weather, sunny skies and friendly families!