Hand made, real food, gourmet ice pops

Bello’s Bike Pops was started after our founder visited NYC and fell in love with the idea of high quality delicious gourmet ice pops. She thought about it on and off for a year before getting a recipe book on pops from the library and that was it! So began the journey of trying new pop recipes. These new Ice Pops recipes began selling at a Local Farmer’s Market.  Cincinnati is ready for a premium ice pop, however our Ice Pops weren’t Bike Pops yet, the bike came later. While vacationing in Portland, OR for a few days, Emily came across an Icicle Tricycle and knew it would be the perfect vehicle to deliver her love of ice pops to Greater Cincinnati!

August 2021 Pure Pops acquired Bello’s Bike Pops and continues to carry the Ice Pop torch in our Queen City.  You will find our Ice Pops and the Icicle Tricycle at CSA’s, Corporate, Private, Birthday, events across the tri-state area. Please  come visit us at our partners across the city!

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