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May and the first week of June have been WHIRLWIND for pop land!  Free pop giveaway at the Newport library, we sold out at the Taste of Newport, and then even sold out all of the back stock for the shop this week!  So, needless to say, I have been making a lot of pops every morning!  We have graduation parties, the first Ft. Thomas farmers market and so much going on this month!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 6th from 3pm-7pm is the first Ft. Thomas market of the season and it will be at Ft. Thomas Tower park.  A beautiful location!  Hope to see you there!

We have had some really fun bike pop events this past week!  One at 7 Hills Church handing out 400 pops to the youth.  That was craziness I assure you!  The next was on a beautiful day at P&G handing out pops to some of the staff.  They had all sorts of fun activities, food trucks and don’t forget electric toilets to race your coworker on 🙂

Hey pop fans!  It is already 90 degrees out there and only May!  Good for pops, bad for my A/C bill 🙂  We have so many pop events coming up and we have been cranking the pops out as fast as we can!  We hope you will come see us at the Ft. Thomas Farmer’s Market, Park Hills Garden tour, or at our spot inside Carabello Coffee soon!  Bring your dog, bring your kids, and make the best of the heat!

Despite all this rain and cloudy gloom, April is almost upon us!  We will start off with 5 flavors in our freezer at Carabello Coffee on Monday, April 2nd, and will continue to add more flavors as the weeks go by!

We will have mint cookies and cream, hibiscus lemonade, berry blast and more!

We hope to see you sometime at the shop this coming week!

Until then, you’ll find me dreaming of pops and warmer days!


Hey Pop fans!
Only a month left of Bello’s Bike Pop season 2017!  Lots of great things have happened this year behind the scenes of it all!  We FINALLY (long, terrible 4 month saga)  got metal molds that release the pops so wonderfully and keep the sticks straight and even.  This is such a game changer, and I wish it would have happened MUCH sooner!

We got branded sticks, stickers on the bags, new molds, and became our own LLC (separate from the coffee shop we share space with!)  It has been a wonderful season, and we look forward to what is next!

BUT…before this season ends, I urge you-DO NOT miss the wonders of fall flavored pops!  Pumpkin pie, cranberry apple, rosemary apple cider, pumpkin pie latte, etc. are actually some of my favorite flavors of the season!  I personally think they are totally overlooked, and I wish they weren’t!  So, come and check them out!  It is so beautiful outside!

Hey Pop fans!  What incredible weather we have had this August!  I feel like I’ve never experienced such a pleasant summer!  My grass is still green, and we have gone several nights in a row with the windows open.  I’m loving it!  It has also made for great evening events in Bello’s Bike Pop world!  Not sweating our faces off while serving pops is always a nice plus 🙂  We had the chance to serve pops at a college send off party, and it was a blast!  It was also fun because I taught many of the students there when they were little!  So, I felt slightly like an old lady 🙂

Upcoming events:

We will be at the next Art Around Towne event in Ft. Thomas on the 18th, and at the showing of the movie Clue at Cinema in the park at Eden Park on Sept. 15th.  Also, the Sunday the 13th at the East Row Pool and Social club.  Hope to see you at one of these events!

The month of July is always the most “poppin” month for Bello’s Bike Pops!  We have so many events coming up, and we have already had several great ones!  We are happy to be a regular part of Ft. Thomas farmers markets, Art Around Towne, and most recently their Seersucker Bike ride they had to celebrate their 150th birthday!  You can check out more about it and see all the cute pictures here.


Have you met Abigail yet?  She goes to about 50% of all the events we do, and makes tons of pops!  If you haven’t met her, she is the sweetest!  We hope to see you at our shop soon!  A refreshing Watermelon Rosemary Lemonade pop is calling your name!

I found my husband a new pop shirt, and he is a very good sport to wear it around town 🙂