All natural, gourmet ice pops sold by bike

Summertime is the best time!

Hey pop fans!

This summer has been so beautiful, and having a few days in a row in the 70s is seriously so perfect!  We have a few events coming up that I wanted to let you know about!

*Ft. Thomas Farmers Market this Wednesday, June 28th, from 3-7pm.

*Ft. Thomas Seersucker Bike Ride to celebrate 150 years!  July 3rd

*Pops at the East Row Pool and Social Club July 16th 4-6pm

Lots of fun new things are happening at Bello’s Bike Pops, including new branded sticks, and stickers on every bag/pop!  This has been a long time coming, and we love them!


We got some super cool antique popsicle molds!


New bags and labeled sticks!


Barre exercise classes on the purple people bridge

On USA Today!

Guess What???  Our cafe was just featured on a USA TODAY!  For real!  And, the best part is…one of the photos is of one of our toasted coconut bike pops with a shot of espresso being poured over it!  It is an article about 10 budget friendly options in Cincinnati, and we are so excited to be included.  So, if you are from out of town and planning to visit…make sure you stop in and see us!


Corporate Events!

One of my favorite kinds of pop event is when a company hires me to come and surprise their employees with a treat!  It’s super fun to look around the room and see hundreds of people enjoying our product!  This past weekend we partnered with Standard Textile to make this happen.  Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip was the dominant favorite with Cookies and Cream as a close second!  It was raining, so I did have to set up inside, but it was still a blast!  If you have a group that you would love to bless with pops, email us about your next event!

I Can’t Help it…

I just love all things ice pops.  I think they are delicious, I think they are cute, and I think they make great photos.  🙂  So, enjoy some of this beautiful eye candy that Levi recently started taking for us!  We think you’ll be ready to drive and get your favorite flavor by the time you are done!

The summer heat is here, and we are thrilled about it.  Call us, book a party, a wedding, or maybe just pre order your favorite flavors for your family cook out!  You will be glad you did!

Beautiful Spring!

Spring is in full swing, and the pop calendar is getting full!  Here are some upcoming events you can find the Icicle Tricycle serving pops:

May 25th:  Pops at private Memorial Day luncheon at Standard Textile

June 3rd:  Newport Garden Tour

June 4th: Taste of Newport (on Monmouth street 11am-7pm)

June 16th:  Ft. Thomas Art around Towne (on North Ft. Thomas 6pm-9pm)

June 28th: Ft. Thomas Farmers Market (in parking lot of Ft. Thomas Antiques 3pm-7pm)

July 3rd:  Seersucker Bike Ride event in Ft. Thomas (TBA)

We have had some very happy customers in the shop as of late!


5th Pop Season Arrives!

I simply cannot believe that this will be our 5th summer of Bike Pops!  Only one more day until our freezer will be stocked full of flavors!  The warm weather has finally showed its lovely face!

We will be starting out the season with both new and old flavors.  Toasted coconut, Vietnamese Latte, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Mango Ice Tea, Banana Malted Milk Shake, Blueberry Matcha, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and mango lime to start us off!

I have some really fun new flavor ideas that I am working on, and I’m pretty excited for you to taste them!


Wow, what a whirl wind year this was for our company!  We have now had our expansion open for 1 month, and it is going great!  I am loving all the space in the pop kitchen, and we have had several great end of summer events.  Enjoy some of the photos from our most recent event at Standard Textile.