All natural, gourmet ice pops sold by bike

Beautiful Spring!

Spring is in full swing, and the pop calendar is getting full!  Here are some upcoming events you can find the Icicle Tricycle serving pops:

May 25th:  Pops at private Memorial Day luncheon at Standard Textile

June 3rd:  Newport Garden Tour

June 4th: Taste of Newport (on Monmouth street 11am-7pm)

June 16th:  Ft. Thomas Art around Towne (on North Ft. Thomas 6pm-9pm)

June 28th: Ft. Thomas Farmers Market (in parking lot of Ft. Thomas Antiques 3pm-7pm)

July 3rd:  Seersucker Bike Ride event in Ft. Thomas (TBA)

We have had some very happy customers in the shop as of late!


5th Pop Season Arrives!

I simply cannot believe that this will be our 5th summer of Bike Pops!  Only one more day until our freezer will be stocked full of flavors!  The warm weather has finally showed its lovely face!

We will be starting out the season with both new and old flavors.  Toasted coconut, Vietnamese Latte, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Mango Ice Tea, Banana Malted Milk Shake, Blueberry Matcha, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and mango lime to start us off!

I have some really fun new flavor ideas that I am working on, and I’m pretty excited for you to taste them!


Wow, what a whirl wind year this was for our company!  We have now had our expansion open for 1 month, and it is going great!  I am loving all the space in the pop kitchen, and we have had several great end of summer events.  Enjoy some of the photos from our most recent event at Standard Textile.






Summer photos!

This summer is flying by! Our construction project is almost complete, and new windows for the whole building are supposed to arrive and start being installed today!! Soon I will have a pop kitchen that I’m not sharing with the coffee shop and that will make my life a LOT simpler.

I thought I would share some new photos of pop events and people enjoying pops for your viewing pleasure. If you have a pool party or birthday you want ice pops to come to, contact us before the summer comes to a close!

Summer fun!

The Ft. Thomas Art Walk was a great event!  Lots of wonderful food trucks, art vendors, and the streets were totally packed with people.  We had wonderful weather, and really enjoyed ourselves!  Thanks for all the ice pop love!  Be sure to come see us for the next one Friday, July 15th!



We had a great weekend celebrating my dad’s birthday (which happened to be Father’s day also…strangely, my father in law’s birthday also!)  and enjoyed an outdoor picnic with plenty of pops to cool us off!

Ft. Thomas Art Walk

20150821_174704Friday, June 17th from 6 to 9pm is the Fort Thomas Art Walk! This event is really fun! Check out more info here.

Last year we sold out early so come get a pop before it’s too late! Here’s a shot from last year. The weather looks like it will be perfect and I’ll have plenty of fresh seasonal flavors like Srawberry Cheesecake and Pina colada!

You Can Do That!

My friend Mae has started making short videos for girls about pursuing their dreams. She decided to use Bello’s Bike Pops as the pilot test subject.  She did such a good job and we had a blast! Take a minute and check it out, I think you’ll enjoy!