All natural, gourmet ice pops sold by bike


The flavors at Bello’s Bike Pops are always changing, but here is a list of some we have created and love!

banana blueberry yogurt

bananas foster

banana malted milk shake

berry blast

blackberry lime cheesecake

blueberry lemonade

blueberry basil

Cantaloupe mint

cinnamon coconut

cookies and cream

chocolate chip cookie dough

cranberry apple

chocolate peanut butter swirl

frozen hot chocolate


hibiscus lemonade

hibiscus pomegranate

honeydew mint


Irish Creme

key lime pie

lavender lemonade


mango lime

mango ginger

mint cookies and cream

orange pineapple

peaches and cream

peach blackberry

Peanut butter chocolate chip

peanut butter and jelly

Pops for puppies

Pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream

root beer float

rosemary watermelon lemonade

rosemary apple cider

rosemary grape

strawberry basil

strawberry lemonade

strawberry mint lemonade

strawberries and cream

strawberry cheesecake

toasted coconut

thai iced tea

Vietnamese latte

watermelon pineapple

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