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Monthly Archives: May 2018

We have had some really fun bike pop events this past week!  One at 7 Hills Church handing out 400 pops to the youth.  That was craziness I assure you!  The next was on a beautiful day at P&G handing out pops to some of the staff.  They had all sorts of fun activities, food trucks and don’t forget electric toilets to race your coworker on 🙂

Hey pop fans!  It is already 90 degrees out there and only May!  Good for pops, bad for my A/C bill 🙂  We have so many pop events coming up and we have been cranking the pops out as fast as we can!  We hope you will come see us at the Ft. Thomas Farmer’s Market, Park Hills Garden tour, or at our spot inside Carabello Coffee soon!  Bring your dog, bring your kids, and make the best of the heat!