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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Hey Pop fans!
Only a month left of Bello’s Bike Pop season 2017!  Lots of great things have happened this year behind the scenes of it all!  We FINALLY (long, terrible 4 month saga)  got metal molds that release the pops so wonderfully and keep the sticks straight and even.  This is such a game changer, and I wish it would have happened MUCH sooner!

We got branded sticks, stickers on the bags, new molds, and became our own LLC (separate from the coffee shop we share space with!)  It has been a wonderful season, and we look forward to what is next!

BUT…before this season ends, I urge you-DO NOT miss the wonders of fall flavored pops!  Pumpkin pie, cranberry apple, rosemary apple cider, pumpkin pie latte, etc. are actually some of my favorite flavors of the season!  I personally think they are totally overlooked, and I wish they weren’t!  So, come and check them out!  It is so beautiful outside!