All natural, hand made gourmet ice pops

Monthly Archives: May 2017

One of my favorite kinds of pop event is when a company hires me to come and surprise their employees with a treat!  It’s super fun to look around the room and see hundreds of people enjoying our product!  This past weekend we partnered with Standard Textile to make this happen.  Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip was the dominant favorite with Cookies and Cream as a close second!  It was raining, so I did have to set up inside, but it was still a blast!  If you have a group that you would love to bless with pops, email us about your next event!

I just love all things ice pops.  I think they are delicious, I think they are cute, and I think they make great photos.  🙂  So, enjoy some of this beautiful eye candy that Levi recently started taking for us!  We think you’ll be ready to drive and get your favorite flavor by the time you are done!

The summer heat is here, and we are thrilled about it.  Call us, book a party, a wedding, or maybe just pre order your favorite flavors for your family cook out!  You will be glad you did!