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Monthly Archives: March 2016

I am so happy to announce that pop season has begun! I know I said I would wait until April 1st but I couldn’t. Ha! It was a blast to have so many happy customers today! One lady brought a cooler and stocked it for a friend getting her tonsils out. What a great idea! I had to wear my pop dress to mark the occasion of course!

Share your first pop of the season with us by tagging us on instagram! #bellosbikepops.  See you soon!


It is almost pop season, and I am so excited to see the little buds on all of the trees!  I’m always overwhelmed at the beginning of making pops, until…I start taste testing again!  Ha!  I start remembering just how great blackberry lime cheesecake is, or how much people love Vietnamese latte, and I get super energized!  We are starting up production this Sunday so that we can have the pop case stocked and ready for you with 10 flavors to get us started right.  These will definitely include peanut butter chocolate chip, toasted coconut, and Vietnamese latte, so get excited!  Spring is upon us!