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Monthly Archives: April 2015

We took a trip to Nicaragua last week to visit the orphanage that we support, visit a coffee farm, and to see the farm that the orphanage is now running to grow their own food. It was a great trip! I had one goal while I was there…get a coconut paleta from one of the ice pop carts! I managed to stop this guy and he let me take my picture with him. The pop was delicious on an extremely hot day, and cost less than a dollar.
Sadly, there are no hand made pops available there, only mass produced by the company called Eskimo, but I was still glad I got to have one from the original place I saw ice pop carts!


#tbt to the very first event I ever did. A Fourth of July parade in Anderson Township. I am adding lots of events to the calendar today. If you have an event you hope to see the bicycle at this summer, be sure to contact me soon!


So the local channel 12 news pursued interviewing Justin and I about the mission of Carabello Coffee. It was this morning at 9:30 to be aired on Sunday morning at 6a.m. But, he woke up with a fever and couldn’t go! So, I had to go alone! I don’t really like being on camera, but I knew we couldn’t leave the poor guy hanging. So, I did the segment and it went pretty well! They will be showing part of our video on it. I am most excited about that. Have you seen our video? Here is a link.

As a part of Carabello Coffee, Bello’s Bike Pops can only benefit positively from the free coverage!


Since we are located inside of Carabello Coffee, I am taking partial credit for this awesome award! ๐Ÿ˜‹