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Monthly Archives: August 2014

The summer is flying by too quickly for this girl, but I am loving all this amazing weather we are having! We are trying all sorts of new flavors lately, including blackberry cream, banana Nutella, and strawberry zinger. What makes it a zinger you ask? Well, I found this incredible plant at the farmers market a few weeks ago, which is like natures’ pop rock! If you are an adventurous eater, you have to try one of these! The experience in your mouth is unlike anything I have ever experienced!

The Green Market has come and gone and it was a beautiful day. I was right next to Carabello Coffee’s booth as you can see below. We had a chance to wander around Gorman farm when our second shift of booth workers arrived, and loved their sunflower fields.



I finally found a farmer who has good watermelon with real seeds and got to make a watermelon mint pop yesterday. I will bag them up tomorrow, and I can’t wait to eat one!


Hoe your summer is ending well, and that you find time to sneak in a few more ice pops before it is over!