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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Tomorrow is the first Oakley fancy flea for the summer season. This great event happens the last Saturday of the month and has a ton of fun to offer! Food trucks, artists booths, vintage finds, and tomorrow is predicted to be dry and beautiful! Our ice pops will be available there, at the Anderson market as well as our shop. So many new fresh flavors to try, lavender lemonade, strawberry basil, piña colada, mango ginger; come and try out one you’ve never had!

Check out all the vendors here:

Hope to see you there!


Soap box media put out an article on the top 30 food trucks in Cincinnati. We made it on the list and because our name starts with a “b” we are the first one on the list! Thanks for the press soap box!

Also, I made a trial run of chocolate coconut pops and cinnamon coconut pops yesterday. OH MY GOSH! The coconut cinnamon are the best pops I have tasted. I normally just taste it to make sure they are quality and throw it out, but I ate the whole thing this time! I still want to work on the chocolate coconut, with hopes of making it like an almond joy type flavor.

We also started serving pupsicles for dogs this week! They are banana, yogurt, peanut butter, and the taste tester pups have been very happy! Come and treat your dog next time you are out on a walk!



Lots of new pops flying around inside the shop lately! Mango ginger, a fresh batch of hibiscus pomegranate, rosemary grape, piña colada, and I am hoping to make a batch of puppy pops today for those dog walkers out there!
I had the pleasure of serving a few pops to Karin and Linford of the band Over the Rhine, and I hope I see them back for more some day! Check out some photos below: