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Monthly Archives: April 2014

This is Hannah! Hannah is going to help me make pops this summer and you will find her at the Oakley Fancy Flea this summer too. You can come meet her with the icicle tricycle tomorrow in Newport on the corner of 9th Monmouth!


Hooray! Spring is finally here to stay! I am gearing up today for an earth day celebration in beautiful Washington park this coming Tuesday from 5-9 pm. I will be out on the icicle tricycle with your favorite flavors of pops! Here is a link to find out more info.

I would love to see you there, as we kick off the start of bike season again!

Or, come see me at Carabello Coffee anytime. With the outdoor seating, eating an ice pop is more fun than ever!

I am so excited about the installation of my new ice pop menu inside of Carabello Coffee today! I have been using paper and it makes it very difficult with how often I change flavors. Check out how cute it is! We tried to give it the feeling of oversized ice pop sticks and I think we were successful. Thanks to Kubik house for building it for me,